Q-Waves Wireless USB HDMI AV Kit – The Easy Way To Play Your Digital Content On Your Big TV Screen

Looking for a cool new way to play your favorite movies or digital photographs from your laptop directly to your LCDTv complete with full sound? No problem, check the Q-Waves Wireless USB HDMI AV Kit capable of displaying even your personal presentation, internet and cam videos straight to your big LCD screen simply by connecting its unique wireless USB  HDMI AV Kit into your laptop or personal computer and boom, enjoy full screen and full sound support in just a matter of minutes.

Q-Waves Wireless USB HDMI AV KitQ-Waves Wireless USB HDMI AV Kit is capable of providing full in-the-room coverage in full high speed and secured connection because it uses the latest technology certified to interconnect almost any type of devices using USB connection.

Simply connect the wireless USB HDMI AV Kit into your preferred gadget and the other into your big screen enjoy, you can even enjoy streaming videos from your television while sending email or chatting with your facebook’s friends on your laptop or computer. Sounds great eh.

Q-Waves is very easy to install and has a fully standardized and certified functionality for worldwide compliance. Try it now!

-£79.99 at advancedmp3players