Pyramat PM450WR Wireless Sound Recorder – Your Advanced And Most Innovative Gaming Chair

Now you can enjoy and feel full surround sound effects when you play your favorite video games, watch your movies and listen to your desired music with this ultimate rocker Pyramat PM450WR Gaming Chair.

The Pyramat PM450WR Wireless Sound Recorder features the most advanced, most innovative gaming chair that lets you feel like you’re literally in the game.

Pyramat PM450WR Gaming Chair

Pyramat PM450WR Wireless Sound Recorder

This Gaming Chair is also equipped with Wireless Sound Recorder lets you hear every footstep, every crash, punch or gunshot because it’s built with a 50 Watt booming 5 Powersub subwoofer that sends any shaking right through you.

This Wireless Sound Recorder also features two full range 12 Watt ARX high performance speakers to enhance your sound from all your handy devices including all PSP, Nintendo DS, iPods, and MP3 players.

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– £184.95 at boysstuff

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