Pyramat Gamebag 2.1 – Lets You Hear, Feel And Experience The Gaming

This small but huge in performance game bag lets you hear, feel and experience the gaming, music and movie action around your body and will leave you wanting to experience more.

Pyramat Gamabag 2.1

The Pyramat Gamebag 2.1 features Pyramat PowerSub Subwoofer with high quality surround sound speakers. It has a supportive, contoured bucket style seat, a comfortable microfiber bean bag and a convenient storage pocket. The Pyramat Gamebag 2.1 lets you connect up to 8 units together and is compatible with all gaming consoles including audio and video gadgets.

– £79.85 at boysstuff


  1. it make you relax when play playstion 3 it very nice and there are many colors

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