Powersafer PSX – Your Eco Friendly Home Gadget That Helps You Cut Down Electricity Bills

Worry about your electricity bill? Here’s an eco friendly home gadget that lets you save energy and at the same time help save the environment.

Powersafer PSX

The Powersafer PSX features lightning and current surge protection. It automatically switches off power from your TV when in standby mode. Powersafer PSX can be used with up to four electrical appliances such as DVD, Video and Hi Fi using its existing trailing socket lead. The Powersafer PSX can detect a drop or surge in power when you put any appliances into standby mode. Just plug the Powersafer PSX into your TV and hook up to four other devices and see how this must have eco friendly home gadget pays for itself time and time again.

– £19.95 at gizoo