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Powerbag Backpack with Battery for Charging Smartphones, Tablets and eReaders

Is you backpack capable of providing you enough room so you can bring all your stuff when going to school, camping or traveling? Check this Powerbag Backpack, a stylishly and uniquely designed backpack packed with on-board removable battery for charging smartphones, tablets and ereaders.

With Powerbag Backpack, owners can easily and safely transport not just important stuffs but at the same time, it also allows you to carry laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices that are important to you and because this powerbag backpack already includes battery inside, charging your latest iphones, ipod and more is now even easier.

Powerbag Backpack

This backpack can deliver a whooping 3000mAh charge straight to your dying batteries and is enough to fully charge not just once but twice any smartphones, thanks also to its easy to access pockets, connectors and USB ports, charging even your latest Android phones, Blackberry, Apple devices and more has never been easier.

The built-in battery can be charged inside or outside the bag with its included AC adaptor while its padded pockets, sturdy zippers and sleek look will simply tell you that this powerbag backpack is the best backpack out there for bringing all your stuff at the same time provide extra battery juice for your important gadgets.

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  1. You’re right Dom, this is one amazing backpack designed for busy geeks like you haha..

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  2. That’s right Sushil, this isn’t just one of those ordinary backpacks out there, this one rocks!

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