Power Dome Mini Generator – Solves Your Electrical Worries Fast

Power Dome Mini GeneratorPower Dome Mini Generator is capable of solving almost any type of electrical juices like laptops, camcorders, fax machines, Boom Box, PS2 and even jump start your car so the next time you plan for your outside trips will be as easy as bringing in your important gadgets without worrying about running out of battery supplies. Simply take the Power Dome Mini Generator with you and enjoy all your favorite gadgets.

The Power Dome Mini Generator is a portable power supply that’s able to run almost any type of AC or DC based electronics, appliances and even your favorite tools because it features different functions such as 400 watts inverter, 600amp cranking power jump-starter, 260psi air compressor with gauge, 1000 watts surge, and 2 AC and DC outlets. Power Dome Mini Generator also comes with charging indicator level and an integrated 5 LED work lights.

$99.99 at thinkgeek