Portable Laundry Pod – Cleans Clothe in just a matter of 10 minutes

Here’s an environmental friendly Portable Laundry Pod, a stylishly and uniquely designed washing machine designed perfectly just for geeks out there that needs some quick washing and cleaning on their favorite clothes anytime anywhere because it is very handy and convenient when it comes clothe cleaning.

Simply fill the Portable Pod with water, add some laundry detergent and start spinning. Sounds easy right.

Portable Laundry Pod

Portable Laundry Pod

This Laundry Pod also features a minimalist and clutter-free design, no cables and no electricity needed and best of all, it only takes less than 10 minutes to clean your favorite clothe.

This Portable Laundry Pod is best for college students, campers and busy geeks out there who hates bulky and ineffective washing gadgets. Just don’t forget to dry your clothes though after washing.

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-$99.99 at thinkgeek