Portable Barbeques – Your Cheaper, Well Made Outdoor Sizzler Portable Grill

Whether you are planning for a garden or park barbeque party, these outdoor sizzlers will surely roast your favorite mouth-watering BBQ anytime anywhere.

Portable Barbeques

These Portable Barbeques are made from solid pressed steel with integral wind breaks to stop the hot coals from blowing all over the place. The Carry and Go Briefcase BBQ provides a generous 48x35cm cooking area while the Fold Flat BBQ is brilliantly designed with super slim portable grill that opens up to provide a 45x30cm cooking area. These barbeque grills are more interesting and fun than those ordinary horrible BBQ grills and are probably cheaper, well made, and will surely last for years.

– $35.91 at iwantoneofthose