Popcorn Hour C-200 Networked Media Tank – Playbacks All Your Personal Recordings

Now you can playback all your digital recordings from your digicams, flash and storage drives, computers and network storage right into the Popcorn Hour C200 Networked Media Tank, an all-in-one media box capable of acting as your personal file server so you can send and received files over the internet and LAN.

Popcorn Hour C200 Networked Media Tank is also capable of downloading and streaming popular videos straight from well-liked internet sites such as Blip, YouTube and other online video sources, it even comes with an integrated download tools so you don’t have to rely on your computer to download and upload files from the internet.

With Popcorn Hour C200 Networked Media Tank, you can even make it as your full-featured Blu-ray disc player, make it a central storage library of all your digital content that is ready to be played on your wide screen flat TVs or use it to enable local playback, uploading and downloading of all types of media from other devices.

– £299.00 at advancedmp3players