Pop Art Toaster – A Cool New Gadget for adding some Twist on your Morning Routine

Tired of your morning rituals? How about adding some smile to it? Here’s a unique Pop Art Toaster that allows you to burn some nice looking yet great tasting plate of bread toasted nicely with heat and marked with some uniquely designed patterns to make your morning even more interesting.

Dullness? Not anymore, now drinking coffee, reading your favorite news paper and having some plate of bread in the morning will never be the same with this cool new Pop Art Toaster gadget.

Pop Art Toaster

Pop Art Toaster

This Art Toaster features an inimitable pattern that can be burn on bread, an easy to remove template, an adjustable thermostat control and a non-stick baking plate.

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Pop Art Toaster also comes with an extra coffee warmer plate powered by USB so you’ll be able to enjoy your morning routine with some affectionate feeling and not those boring and monotonous one.

Start toasting one now, get some hot coffee and enjoy reading your morning news.

-$44.99 at  thinkgeek