Polycom Video Conferencing Kit – The Perfect Kit For Your Next Virtual Meeting

Planning of having a virtual meeting? Sure, check the Polycom Video Conference Kit, a reliable video conferencing device ideal for any type of practical get-together from classrooms or even to average group situations without worrying about any problem because the Polycom Video Conference Kit features a uniquely designed sound and video system for that clear videos and voices from end to end.

Polycom Video Conference Kit uses a wireless connectivity technology and uses a modifiable user interface and strong software encryption that can be easily controlled via its touch panel. This video conference kit supports both TV or VGA display and allows any user to add a second connection for camera and other devices to display presentations, photos and even movies to all participants of the conference. Polycom Video Conference Kit is simply the best audio and video conference system you can have especially if you want to experience working together and make things happen even if you’re miles away from one another.

– $5,019.99 at onsale