Looking for ways on how to access your files wirelessly from everywhere around the globe? No problem, check the Pogoplug Pro, a brilliantly designed gadget that allows everyone to connect any USB hard disc drive to the internet so you and your family have access to its content anytime and anywhere, simply sign in and start downloading..sounds cool eh!

What’s more? Well, if you can’t get away with your other gadgets like iPhone, PS3 or even Xbox to play your favorite vids and tunes, why not use Pogoplug Pro to store all your files and connect with those important documents instead of jamming all of them with data? Yes, streaming is easy, just click the link to your favorite files and start enjoying.

You want to try it? Here are the steps:
a. Hook up your Pogoplug into the wall
b. Wirelessly connect it to your router
c. Visit my.pogoplug.com, type your registration code and
d. Rock n roll, your drive is now available and ready to access by you and your friends..

Accessing and sharing files wirelessly around the world just got even better!

£99.99 at firebox