Plugable USB Hub with 10 Ports and Power Adapter

USB Hub? Try Plugable USB Hub, a 10 Port 2.0 with Power Adapter USB hub that uses a uniquely designed chipset for that most reliable and efficient data transfer you’ve always looking for on a hub controller perfect for tech geeks out there who needs additional USB ports for their cool new USB devices such as flash drives and the likes.

With Plugable USB Hub, you can now minimize cable mess and at the same time uses only a little amount of power consumption when it comes to plugging and charging USB powered devices plus it even comes with a 2.5A power adapter and LED indicator so you can see clearly the power status.

Plugable USB Hub

This Plugable USB Hub has 10 downstream ports with data transfer rates of 480Mbps plus it also features an over-current protection and detection system so you can plug all your devices without worrying about overloads.

This 10 Ports USB Hub is not a standalone charger for your latest smart devices, you need to connect this hub to a PC if you want to charge devices with 500mA requirements. Very easy to use and installs quickly with no additional drivers.

-$25.95 at amazon