Playseat F1 Red – Experience real feeling and excitement of driving F1 racing style car

Now you can experience the real feeling and excitement of driving an F1 racing style car with this cool new Playseat F1 Red race seat [SOURCE] of course right in your very own entertainment room.

Playseat F1 Red

Playseat F1 Red

Playseat F1 Red is not just awesomely produced for getting the perfect position and sensation of driving a real F1 car but at the same time allows the owner to enjoy the perfect simulation, thanks to the Playseat’s uniquely designed construction partnered with high quality materials, enjoying real racing simulation at home is now possible.

This formula 1 style single-seat kart supports G27 gearshift plus it is also compatible on most gaming devices around including your favorite Playstation 3, Xbox, Wii and Personal Computer, you don’t even worry about 3rd party steering wheels and pedal sets because choosing it from your favorite brands such as Thrustmasters, Fanatics, MadCatz and more are also compatible.

Playseat F1 Red 2

The Playseat F1 Red race seat is simply the best addition to your existing entertainment room especially if you are a true driving simulator fanatic.

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