Pinnacle Video Transfer – Your One Touch Cool Video Recording System With No PC Required

Now you can record things straight from your camcorder, DVD player or VCR and put it directly onto an iPod, PSP or flash stick with this incredible little Pinnacle Video Transfer device.

Pinnacle Video Transfer

The Pinnacle Video Transfer features one touch start and stop recording from your analogue source with no PC required. Pinnacle Video Transfer also has a high quality MPEG-4 encoding in H.264 at up to 720×576 resolutions with S-Video, and Stereo Audio Analogue Inputs. Just hook it up to your source gadget, set the quality, push record and start enjoying your recorded TV shows and movies directly to your iPod or PSPs. You can even use the Pinnacle Video Transfer to digitize home movies, backup vacation videos into a USB portable storage device for safe keeping.

– $194.80 at firebox