Piano Hand Gloves – Now You Can Play Piano Pieces Anywhere

You want to play piano anywhere but doesn’t want to lug bulky and heavy one? Sure, try this Piano Hand Gloves, it’s a pair of neoprene gloves that can be used to play different piano pieces minus that keyboard. Simply put on the piano hand gloves and allow its uniquely designed sensors located on its fingertips activate the piano notes which can be heard right into its built-in speaker. Cool right!

Piano Hand Gloves comes with 30 different rhythms to listen, an adjustable tempo control and a learning feature so you can master the 10 different demo songs integrated into its uniquely designed gloves. Piano hands also built with 7 different musical instruments like drum kit, trumpet and guitar so you can have more fun and excitement right into your very own fingertips.

– £49.99 at iwantoneofthose

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  1. studying piano may be difficult for beginners but as long as you’re eager to learn and with constant practice sooner you’ll be surprise you can play like a pro

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