Photo Frame That Floats

Taking pictures has been the trend nowadays because it’s what people enjoyed the most and of course they wanted to keep those fond memories lasts. Displaying your still photographs in some kind of style that would give your friends pause for awhile is another story.

Floating Photo Frame

This magnetized base photo frame will float your 3.5 x 5 inch pictures in mid air and rotate them around. Simply place any standard still picture in the frame, place the frame in the center of the base, plug it in, and it will float all on its own giving all your visitors a unique style in displaying your favorite images.

-Photo Frame Floats In Metal Magnetized Holder
-Magnetic Base Magnet at Top, Bottom Electrically Magnetized
-Photo Frame Still Picture Size: 3.5×5 Inch Magnet at Top and Bottom of Frame
-Power Source: DC 12V

– $30.51 at chinavasion