Philips Fidelio DS7700-10 Portable iPod, iPhone and iPad Dock with Bluetooth Connection

Enjoy excellent sound from your iPod, iPhone and iPad anytime and anywhere with this cool new Philips Fidelio DS7700/10 Portable Dock with Bluetooth Connection.

Whether you’re a gamer who always want true sound effects every time you’re in action, a movie fanatic who wants to hear every sound details of the story you’re watching or maybe a music geek who can’t miss your relaxation sound then the Philips DS7700/10 Portable Dock is for you because it comes everything you need so you can enjoy true sound with your iPod, iPhone and iPad wirelessly.

Philips Fidelio DS7700-10 Portable iPod iPhone iPad DockThis Portable iPod, iPhone and iPad Dock features a nice 14w RMS sound output with full dynamic bass boost complete with unique shielding technology so you don’t worry about phone interference, a stylishly designed construction to perfectly fit to your favorite gadgets, a built-in 3.5 auxiliary input so you can also connect other electronic devices such as mp3 players and laptops.

Tough and slim, this iPod, iPhone and iPad dock can perfectly fit almost anywhere so bringing it wherever you go is easy, there’s even a downloadable app in the Fidelio app store if you need more functionality. It’s the best rechargeable and wireless speaker dock ever from Philips!

-£179.00 at advancedmp3players

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