Parrot AR Drone – The Most Entertaining RC Helicopter For Kids

Here’s an iPhone controlled RC helicopter constructed uniquely and equipped with high tech gadgets to make flying not just fun but also entertaining. Why? Well, if you love RC airplane then this Parrot AR Drone will definitely make you become more interested with it because besides its auto pilot and auto take off function, you’ll also love taking live video clips.

Did we mention live streaming videos directly to your iPhone? Well, not only that because the Parrot AR Drone is also compatible with your iPad and iPod Touch gadgets and using its free application, together with its 2x built in camera, covering video feed is easy while having fun with your friends.
Parrot AR Drone

Parrot AR Drone: What makes it unique with other flyers out there?

Well unlike ordinary RC helicopters, the AR Drone produces its own wireless fidelity hotspots; communicating with your iPhone is easy and fast plus it even allows you to fly the drone 50m high, make 360 degrees turn and tilt left to right all using your favorite iPhone device. Cool right!

Planning of giving your Parrot AR Drone the perfect landing?

No problem, just leave it to its unique software wherein you simply hit the land command and the AR will gently touch the ground with confidence. No more awkward landing eh.

Other features of Parrot AR Drone

It comes with 2 exchangeable hull outlines such as rugged hull that is perfect for battling with other AR Drone owners or an aerodynamic streamlined hull ideal for light maneuvering. So what are you waiting for? Get one now and start standing outside and watch this Drone amaze both you and your friends.

-£299.99 at firebox

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