Optoma GT100 Mini Projector – Compact Projector on virtual 75″ screens

This Optoma GT100 Mini Projector is able to hurl images from consoles, set peak boxes, DVD cast list, laptops and many more that levels in the surface. The dense of Optoma is suitable for gamers accused of hogging the telly, families wanting to try out their photos in a huge way and anyone who wishes to check out the larger picture where they wander.

With its 50 lumens, this Optoma GT100 Mini Projector is the brightest LED Projector because of it’s attached and plan gizmo. Besides, it also yet got an included 1.5 watts speaker. The Optoma GT100 Mini Projector LED is simple to employ, modish and compact. This Optoma GT100 Mini Projector also hooks up to about any device with AV Out.

Its LED lamp technology is for elongated life and is also a handy in use. It quantifies just about 20 centimeters width by 20 centimeters diameter by 8 centimeter height.

-£159.99 at Firebox