Omega Multipurpose Juicer Food Processor – The Most Versatile Kitchen Gadget

The Omega Multipurpose Juicer Food Processor is a unique versatile kitchen gadget capable of extracting hard and soft juices from your favorite fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass and leafy greens. Omega Multipurpose Juicer Food Processor is also capable of crushing coffee beans, chopping garlic and other foods so you can prepare fresh fruit juices, deserts and baby foods.

Omega Multipurpose Juicer Food Processor features a patented stone mill-like auger made of hygienic US FDA approved melamine which stops toxic heavy metals from mixing with your fresh juices. The Omega Multipurpose Juicer Food Processor uses 1/3 HP single-phase induction motor and an Auger of up to 85 RMP to ensure full taste and highest nutritional value every time you extract and prepare your favorite food.

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  1. there are many kitchen gadgets that you can buy online and offline but when you buy, make sure that they are energy star certi —

  2. I really like to drink fruits and vegetables juices. A food processor is an important gadget of kitchen. You can make any juice with the help of food processor.

  3. Omega Juicers Multi robot as the U.S. FDA approved melamine health patent stone spiral can be stopped from your fresh fruit juice mixture of toxic heavy metals.

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  4. Omega juicers engine robots Multi – 1 / 3 HP single bit phase mismatch and the PGR to 85 to ensure that the taste and nutritional value, check and prepare all your favorite foods.

  5. This machine efficiently juices hard and soft fruits, vegetables, wheat grass and green leafy vegetables. It also functions as a food processor, pasta maker, homogeneous and grinding.

  6. It is a nice post for women and juicer  lover. Omega multipurpose Juicer food processor is a good product. With the help of this food processor you can save your time and more effort.

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