Ollie The Darkside Robot – A programmable robot that reveals its darkside when remotely controlled by a smartphone app

Ollie The Darkside Robot is a uniquely designed robot capable of revealing its darkside when controlled remotely using your favorite smartphone plus it even includes an application where you can control the Darkside robot to roll at speed of up to 14mph across indoor or outdoor.

Ollie The Darkside Robot

Ollie The Darkside Robot

The Darkside Robot already includes 2 sets of detachable tires designed to be used on smooth floors or even for off-road racing plus it even comes with an integrated LED lights that allows the owner to weave the robot inside or outside the room, under your furniture or even down your hallways or course in the dark.

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Ollie The Darkside Robot 2

You want to perform different tricks? No problem because Ollie The Darkside Robot comes with different tricks such as stalls, spins, drifts and flips even at 100 feet away, thanks to the application’s uniquely designed virtual joystick, doing some robot tricks to impress your friends is now easier and more exciting.

Ollie The Darkside Robot 1

This programmable robot already includes a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to an hour of fun racing, just don’t forget to recharge the battery though using its included adapter and you’re good to go.

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