NuScup – Your Fast, Accurate And Adjustable Measuring Scoops

Here’s a fast, accurate and adjustable way of measuring whatever you want to cook. Unlike many other self proclaimed wonder utensils, the NuScups looks and feels very well made and what they set out to do, they do remarkably well, making your effort in the kitchen a whole lot easier.


The NuScup features a carefully designed with stain resistant plastic and a stainless steel finish, making them virtually long-lasting, and adjust with an easy slide of the thumb. There are even two sizes of NuScup so you can choose the one you are most likely to use, or select both for a complete set to cover all your requirements. The NuScup also comes with milliliter and ounce measurements along the side of each scoop, as well as a built-in magnet so you can pop your NuScup on a utensil rack or the fridge for quick and easy storage.

– £8.95 at gizoo