Tired of your traditional DJ component setup? Not anymore, here’s Numark iCDMIX 2 Dual CD Performance System designed specifically for professional use and is ideal for DJs who wants to have a good mixing, beat matching and pitch tracking for all your planned events of course minus that time consuming cable setup and after the party packing because it is carefully designed for fast and easy music playing.

Numark iCDMIX 2 Dual CD Performance System features a compact design with mixer and iPod dock, an anti-shock skip protection technology housed inside a metal case for durability and reliable performances. Numark iCDMIX also features a multi function jog and shuttle wheels, a seamless loops on every decks, beat match, pitch controls, fader, three channel mixer, additional iPod and mic channels and a programmable single and continuous playback function.

– £249.00 at advancedmp3players