Nintendo Wii Entertainment Pack – The Amazing 21 in 1 Wii Sports Set

Now you can play tennis, billiard, baseball, golf or maybe drive a car with this amazing Nintendo Wii 21in1 Entertainment Pack.

Nintendo Wii Entertainment Pack

The Nintendo Wii Entertainment Pack features a racing wheel that gets you feeling like you are actually steering a car, a multifunction zapper that has both a trigger for the gun control buttons and 2 buttons for the nunchuk control buttons, a putter shape to get you felling like your really putting, a classic tennis racket shape for total immersion in the game, a baseball bat designed to give that little extra ‘oomph’ to the game and a billiard great for getting your aim perfect. The Wii 21in1 Entertainment Pack also features a color coded wrist straps and any slip rubber casing, a remote protector and a multi D-pads.

– £22.95 at boysstuff