New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner – The perfect cleaning device for Jewelries, Eyeglasses, and Dentures

Looking for a device that can clean your eyeglass, jewelry and toothbrush automatically? Check this cool new gadget capable of cleaning almost any type of products including your dental tools because it uses a powerful ultrasonic frequency to give your important stuff the best cleaning solution minus that chemical detergent.

Introducing the New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner, a small yet sturdy and powerful cleaning gadget packed with different cleaning presets to precisely clean wide range of items into its 600ml capacity stainless steel tank.

New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic

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Simply add whatever stuff you want to clean, press a button and allow its cleaning magic produce an ultrahigh frequency sound waves to create a high energy to clean unwanted particles on your jewelry and eyeglass and you’re good to go.

New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner also features a unique plate capable of generating lots of ultrasonic bubbles used mainly to deep clean the surface of the item, so the next time you want to make your stuff look like brand new again, try this digital ultrasonic cleaner to clean your important jewelries and other stuff automatically. Try it!

-$34.95 at amazon