New and Upcoming PS3 Games – Latest And Best Games For PS3

Latest PS3 Games

God Of War III

God of War III is a single player PS3 game that allows you to play the role of Kratos, an ex-Spartan Fighter and help him seek vengeance to those who betrayed him. Solve puzzles; fight on every darkest creature using Kratos double-chained blades, different collection of new weapons and magic to obliterate Olympus.

$59.99 at buy


Show your racing skills and styles, complete against racers around the globe, create a fun racing experience and use a realistic AI to imitate a real racing experience with this new and exciting MotoGP  racing game.

$48.99 at buy

Resonance of Fate

Resonance on Fate is built around the huge Machine City, an experimental life support system wherein it’s the only place on the entire globe where humans can prolong their lives. Resonance on Fate features a customizable character and weapon and a beautifully crafted environment that shows the deep tapestry of the dystopian world.

$58.99 at buy

Dragon Age: Origins Expansion Pack features a whole new and exciting world expanded so you can explore even more plus with its new range of horrifying and terrifying creatures, bone-crushing against the newest breed of Darkspawn and other frightening creatures is just one of the interesting scenario you are about to unlocked, so the option is yours on how you are going to restore and resolved the conflict.

$38.99 at buy

DJ Hero with 2 Turntables

DJ Hero with 2 Turntables is an addictive and enjoyable game that allows party DJ to spin their favorite music to start the party going plus you can even mix and scratch up to 101 songs into 94 a distinctive mixes , so what are you waiting for? Whether you’re just learning the basics of a party DJ technique, no worries because there’s always a perfect mode created just for you.

$109.98 at buy

Upcoming PS3 Games

Help Nier find out a perfect cure for his daughter and have fun with this new and usual like RPG game.

Arcania: A Gothic Tale
A fantasy action game that temps every player to discover all of its countless adventures and attractions guaranteed to give each and everyone an hour of entertainment play.

I Am Alive
A very challenging gameplay that allows each player to think in order to solve risky problems.

After Burner Climax
Based on the latest arcade style gameplay that allows players to square off against an AI challengers developed by SEGA the famous makers of Outrun and Virtua Fighters.

Skate 3
Skate 3 allows players to innovate and create different suite in order allow themselves to convey their skating prowess and styles.