Never Lose Your Pen Again – with built-in tracking chip that alerts you if it’s about to be left behind

Never Lose Your Pen Again >>>[SOURCE]<<< is equipped with tracking device designed to alert the owner specially if it is about to be left behind, thanks to the pen’s sleek and high quality design pairing it with your favorite gadget so you can easily monitor the pen when they become separated is now possible.

This pen even sends its location, just perfect if specially if your phone is beyond its Bluetooth range or better yet, it even helps you locate your gadget simply by pressing a button.

Never Lose Your Pen Again

Never Lose Your Pen Again

This pen is made with high quality brass body partnered with titanium allow finish, nicely polished trim, smooth roller tip and a lot more.

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Never Lose Your Pen Again 1

Never Lose Your Pen Again already includes 4 CR1220 batteries, fine-point refills and a gift box ready to be delivered to you or to your family members as a gift. Simply select Carbon Black or Quartz Blue Lacquer and you’re good to go.

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