Neuroband Racerback Bra – The posture correcting bra designed to help relieve back and shoulder pain

Neuroband Racerback Bra —[SOURCE]— is a posture correcting bra designed to help relieve back pain and shoulder simply by helping the user promote perfect posture every time.

Thanks to its clinically proven and anatomically constructed design partnered with neuroband tension panels, activating and stimulating problematic muscles to keep the user’s body aligned and upright is now possible.

Neuroband Racerback Bra

Neuroband Racerback Bra

This racerback bra helps the wearer increase their core strength and besides correcting spine, chest and neck alignment, this posture improving bra can also be used every day just perfect if you want to prevent injury by lessening wear and tear specially on joints that are very sensitive.

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Neuroband Racerback Bra 1

This clinically proven Neuroband Racerback Bra is also perfect for people who loves to boost their exercise performance and also to enhance their range of motion every time they workout, thanks to its vented mesh panels partnered with moisture wicking fabric and anti-microbial protection feature, keeping your skin dry and cool will not be a problem.

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