Nerf Havok Rapid Fire – The Amazing Toy Guns For Kids

Nerf Havok Rapid Fire is an amazing and most commanding bullet-shooting gun ideal for blasting up enemies and other still thing to pieces using its dart foams bullets. So how do you do it? Well, simply fill the ammo belt into the gun, activate the trigger and watch its unique launching system spit some foam dart havoc.

Nerf Havoc Rapid Fire is a battery operated weapon packed with 25 foam bullets, tripods and different shooting modes like rapid fire or single shot method. The Nerf Havoc Rapid Fire can blaze 25 foam bullets at 8 seconds and is big enough just like that fully automatic weapon of your favorite action heroes they’ve been holding.

– £49.95 at firebox

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  1. This good be a perfect gift for the birthday of my son since he requested to me to buy toy gun for his birthday and Nerf Havok Rapid Fire is a perfect option.

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