Neck Massager with Heat Therapy – Perfect for relieving neck tension using vibrating massage, electric stimulation, and heat therapy

Neck Massager with Heat Therapy [SOURCE] is perfect for relieving neck tension because it uses unique electric stimulation partnered with heat therapy and vibrating massage to relieve neck tension, muscle pain and strain.

Neck Massager with Heat Therapy

Neck Massager with Heat Therapy

This neck massager is perfect for getting rid of the tension you are having on your neck while you are driving, working or even flying, simply slip the device around your neck, use the included infrared remote and you’re on your way to comfortably relieving neck tension at home or on the go.

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How does the Neck Massager work?

The Neck Massager works simply by selecting from its unique vibration modes design to promote relaxation, thanks to the neck massager’s twin metal conductor that is built right into the collar that is capable of sending six different intensity levels of harmless electrical pulses straight into the owner’s neck tissue blocking pain signals and increasing blood flow to promote quick and relaxing healing.

The collar even includes 3 different levels of far infrared heat design to penetrate neck muscles for best and effective relaxation treatment.

What are you waiting for, select your desired treatment session now to start relieving neck tension, muscle pain and strain from driving, flying or office work.

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