NComputing M300 Virtual Desktop Client Device – An Affordable PC Alternative

Planning of buying additional PC for your kids? Check NComputing’s M300 Virtual Desktop Client Device, a uniquely designed virtual desktop client packed with powerful features and functions so you can enjoy video streaming in full screen at one third of the cost of a full featured PC. Truly, a great extension option ideal not just for home users but also for schools, internet cafés, call centers and small business because it is capable of creating professional network communication for up to 45 users with just a single host computer.

NComputing M300 Virtual Desktop Client Device

With NComputing M300 Virtual Desktop Client Device, you only have one host to manage and because it uses Ethernet Connectivity, computer labs and small businesses can connect at greater distance using LAN cable connection.

M300 Virtual Desktop Client also comes with an easy to install vSpace server software where you can use it to manage and configure client devices easily while its powerful Numo 2 SoC technology allows thin clients to enjoy PC quality full screen video streaming simultaneously.

This 3 in 1 M300 thin client already includes one USB 2.0 port so you can insert whatever USB powered peripheral devices you may have and an additional 2 USB ports for your USB keyboard and USB mouse.

-$269.99 at amazon

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