MvixBOX NAS and Torrent Server – Satisfies All Your Storage Needs

You want to setup your own torrent server, host your own web hosting or share files and videos? No problem, here’s MvixBOX NAS and Torrent Server capable of hosting up to 2 terabytes of storage space so you can satisfy your needs to store all your needs. How? Well, just provide and install your own hard drive and start storing and sharing files perfect for home and business use.

The MvixBOX NAS and Torrent Server features 2-Bay Network Attached Server, User-friendly interface with web-disk, dynamic website hosting and data backup capability. MvixBOX NAS and Torrent Server also comes with a gigabit Ethernet port capable of streaming even hi-definition video over your home network plus you can easily transfer files into the MvixBOX by dragging and dropping them using web-disk technology.

– $249.99 at thinkgeek