Most Anticipated Gadget Launches of 2012

This guest article is by Jena Branch of buycox.

We’re half way through 2012 and so far it has been an exciting year for technology lovers. And it just keeps getting better. So here’s a look, in no particular order, at some of the gadgets worth waiting for.

1. Apple TV
Apple and its products always offer something amazing. We’re now looking at its TV to transform the world of televisions. Siri will make her way from your phone to your TV and you get to talk to your device, run videos, access Facebook and other social media sites, play games and look at applications as well. Sizes vary from 19″ to 13″ so watch out for it.

2. Xbox 720
Xbox keeps getting better with the 360 making its way to the 720 with a better Motion Sensor, Heat Sink, superlative processing unit for better graphics, DVR, AMD graphics and an overall interactive experience like not much else. But will it be released in 2012? Only time will tell.

3. Samsung Galaxy SIII
Providing stiff competition to the iPhone variations is the Galaxy S3 from Samsung. We’re expecting to see a massive 2GB RAM, a 4.6 inch screen and an astounding 12 MP camera, among other features.

Most Anticipated Gadget Launches of 2012

4. Windows Kinect
Kinect is gaming like never before. Your body moves the device which can be connected to the Xbox 360 and what’s more, you can hook this up to your PC and laptop too. The webcam and your actions and voice are what drives the engine on this one and you don’t even need to lay your hands on a controller.

5. iPhone5
The genius of Apple backed up with LTE makes this a gadget to watch out for. We’re expecting a screen up to 4″ in size, the latest A5 processor chip, a brilliant camera and iCloud.

6. Nokia 808 PureView
We’re talking a camera phone that puts all other camera phones to shame. Satellite navigation for up to 100 countries, 16 GB memory, with an option to expand that up to 48 GB, Wi-Fi, HDMI etc. and the PureView gives you pure pictures up to 41 MP. Astounding? We haven’t seen half of it.

7. Canon EOS 5D Mark III
For all you camera enthusiasts who don’t want the above, the news of a E0S 5D MARK IIIwith better LCD, 22.3 megapixels, up to 6.0 frames per second and up to 25600 ISO should be more than just exciting. Imagine outdoor photo shoots and weddings getter sharper and more fabulous. Look forward to bigger, better, more clear pictures.

9. PlayStation 4

Sony’s got everyone talking about its PlayStation 4 that is upgraded to something special for gamers to enjoy and love. We think there will be Piledriver and maybe even a 32 nm cell processor, but we don’t know for sure. Good news is also in the form of the price, which the company promises to keep low and affordable.

So there’s lot in store for the year end. We hope we see all of them this year and early indications seem to suggest that there’s every possibility that might happen. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the year ends on a high note.

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