Mobile Cinema DVD Projector – Aiptek’s Latest 50″ Portable Projector Screen

Mobile Cinema DVD Projector

Mobile Cinema DVD Projector uses the latest LED technology to give you up to 50” of screen viewing right into your kids room or even to any wall you want complete with stereo speakers and clear image quality so you’ll enjoy that newly released DVD movie or plug in some microphone to enjoy that big screen karaoke gatherings.

So how does it work? Well, just plug and insert a DVD disc (movie or karaoke) and enjoy a cinema like singing or movie watching. What ya think eh?

Mobile Cinema DVD Projector 2

Mobile Cinema DVD Projector is portable meaning you can easily transfer to any walls anytime plus it features an a built-in DVD player and stereo speakers so you’ll have an instant 127cm or 50” diagonal picture size low cost cinema system right into your very own home. With Mobile Cinema DVD Projector’s newest LED technology, you can be sure of longer lamp life and less power consumption. Try it now!

– £159.99 at firebox

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