MiPow PowerTube 2200 – The Smart Battery Charger for Your Favorite Gadgets

Planning of having a trip next month? Sure, how about your cool gadgets? Are they ready yet? If you don’t want to miss everything especially the batteries of your favorite device then you should be getting one of this – the MiPow PowerTube 2200, it’s a good portable battery juicer for your iPhone, iPod other smart phones and even your digital cameras. It has all the connectors needed to make your gadgets in full capacity charged, good if you don’t want to miss anything surprising along the way.

MiPow PowerTube 2200With MiPow PowerTube 2200, simply insert the included charger and you’re good to go. It’s an important tool every geek traveler needs because besides its portability, the MiPow PowerTube 2200 also features a 2200mAh battery enough to charge a battery hungry phone of course with spare power for your next project.

PowerTube 2200 is also compatible with other cool gadgets including Moto, Samsung, LG, HTC, Ericson, Apple phones.

-£34.99 at iwantoneofthose