Mini Projector – Your All In One Multimedia Entertainment Gadget

You want a tiny all-in-one multimedia entertainment gadget? Well, here it is, this Mini Projector device is a battery operated projector capable of projecting an image of up to 77cms onto a wall, curtain or anywhere else as long as it’s white and smooth surface.

Mini Projector

The Mini Projector features an optimal projection of 80cm diagonal image TFT LCD with 480×240 resolutions. It uses a high power high efficiency LED light and is compatible with the most TV, VCR, DVD player and it even works with the most gaming consoles. How does it work? Well, using the on board SD card slot, you can watch movies, pictures, or play music through the built in speakers, just plug this device into your TV, VCR, Computer or gaming unit using its supplied cables and enjoy a theatre like scene inside your own room.

– $188.91 boysstuff