Personal Ice Maker Mini Contessa – Your Personal Ice Cube Maker Capable Of Making Ice In Just Ten Minutes

You want to make your own ice? Stop wasting your time with the freezer, here’s a gadget that lets you create ice in just ten minutes with your very own Mini Contessa Ice Maker.

Mini Contessa Ice Maker

The Mini Contessa Ice Maker features water tank capacity of approximately 2 liters and is capable of working on a 10 to 16 minute cycle depending on the size of the cube selected producing 10 cubes per cycle. The Mini Contessa Ice Maker also features an Ice Cube Basket that holds approximately 70 cubes or 0.7 kg of ice on medium cube size setting and can produce approx 12 kg of ice in a 24 hour period dependent on the water temperature and ambient conditions.

– £179.95 at boysstuff