MiLi iPhone Projector – The Latest Portable Media Presentation Gadget

You want to project your latest videos, pictures or anything inside your iPhone on walls so the rest of the gang can see what you’re up to? Then all you need is a handy media viewing gadget that allows you to share everything, it’s like having your very own 70” cinema minus that bulky wires and huge playing area because the MiLi iPhone Projector is all you need for your next perfect presentation.

With MiLi iPhone Projector, you can even connect other video devices like iPod and blackberries, computers and laptops, DVD players or even VCR because it also comes with an AV input and output connection plus with its included built-in speakers, super thin remote control and USB battery charging function, now you can enjoy up to 1.5 hours of viewing time on a 70 inches screen. You simply point to any suitable wall and enjoy no more crowding around tiny phone screens eh!

-$350.99 at amazon