MiLi iPhone Power Pack – The Latest iPhone Protective Case With Built-in Battery Charger

MiLi iPhone Power Pack is capable of giving 6.5 hours of talking time, 6.5 hours of internet surfing using 3G or up to 8 hours on wifi, 31 hours of playing music and 9 hours of video playing setting aside those separate batteries and extra chargers because MiLi iPhone Power Pack is all you need to have a two-times the battery life of your existing iPhone.

MiLi iPhone Power Pack is a sturdy iPhone Protective Case with built-in battery charger, the ultimate partner for all iPhone owners. So what’s the big deal? Well, unlike ordinary protective case, MiLi iPhone Power Pack can also provide extra battery life for all your other gadgets, you can even charge 2 at the same time, simply plug your USB capable devices into the MiLi’s socket port and watch its built-in LCD screen juicing up your gadgets. What do you think?

– £49.95 at firebox