Smallest MP3 Player – The Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player

Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player is the smallest mp3 player around, with the size of a sugar cubes and a feature of a full featured music players, you’ll surely say that this Japanese Gadget is the only tiny music player around packed with 4GB of memory space so you can copy all your much loved tunes and play it right into this amazingly designed mp3 player.

Smallest MP3 Player

Micro Sport Music player also features a true full stereo sound with no drivers needed, simply select the song by pressing a small button right on top of the unit, adjust the volume, release your finger and enjoy music.

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Smallest MP3 Player 2

Ideal for music lovers who just can’t miss with their favorite tunes, this Micro Sport Japanese music player already comes with a rechargeable built-in battery and charges up using the included USB cable.

– $79.99 at thinkgeek