Meccano Spykee Cell – The Specially Designed Robot That Can Be Controlled Using Mobile Phones

Packed with different effects and functions, the Meccano Spykee Cell is an exceptionally designed robot that you can control with your favorite mobile phones thru wireless Bluetooth technology. The Meccano Spykee Cell is capable of doing things like taking pictures, playing music and playing different voice and sound effects simply by controlling it with your mobile phone.

The Meccano Spykee Cell features a motorized head with 2 uniquely designed motors for moving the robot around, an iPod dock, a camera, microphone, stereo speaker, optic fibers and 3 LEDs. Meccano Spykee Cell is also compatible with other Meccano parts plus you can also use it as a Bluetooth wireless technology headset for your favorite mobile phones.

– £139.99 at toysrus