Magic 8 Ball Gaming Chairs – Now You Can Put Some Style In Your Gaming Time

Magic 8 Ball Gaming ChairsPut some style into your gaming time, here’s Magic 8 Ball Gaming Chairs an inflatable cool looking and comfortable gaming chair that can be used also as a footstool or a pillow. Unlike ordinary gaming chairs, the Magic 8 Ball Gaming Chairs is specifically designed for pool lovers or for anyone who wants to give a new look and feel into their gaming experience ideal for kids ages 8 years and above.

Magic 8 Ball Gaming Chairs comes with both 11 ball and 9 ball design red and yellow respectively and can be used in 3 different ways – sit on top of it, unzipped it to have an extra cushion or attach it into your couch and put your feet on it for some relaxing time.

– £99.00 at iwantoneofthose