Luxeed U7 Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard – Astonishing Customizable Keyboard Enlightenment

This Luxeed U7 Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard is skilled with individually lighting each key in you own option of color. This Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard offers you a four preset buttons above the arrow keys so you can directly prefer between diverse customizable lit pelt presets.

What’s more interesting is that it can do some incredible tricks like an animated random key color athwart all the keys or make each key glow when you press it.

Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

Luxeed U7 Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

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The keys of this Pixel LED Keyboard have a see-through look and beam up more brilliantly than the black. You can choose between any of these flavors of your Luxeed, black or white.

This Luxeed Keyboard doesn’t have a little screen on each key like the well-known Optimus Maximus but it’s cheaper than that. You can also set-up a shimmering skin for your preferred game with special colors to specify each key action or create illuminated guide and propose.

The Luxeed U7 Keyboard toggles between these two forms: Plug & Play for aboard color manage or Software Controlled for additional superior functions. It also has a typical standard USB connection for other purposes. This Keyboard has a measurement of 15 inches by 7.5 inches by 1 inch.

– $129.99 at thinkgeek