LP to iPod Turntable – The Quick And Easy Way Without Using A PC

You want to transfer your ‘old favorite music’ to your iPod? Here’s a quick and easy way of course without using a PC. How? Well, all you need is LP to iPod Turntable, the coolest and latest music transferring device that comes with everything you need so you can transfer all your classic songs into your iPod painlessly because all you need to do is insert your iPod to its included dock and you’re done.

LP to iPod Turntable also comes with a pre-assembled cartridge with stylus, a 45RPM adapter, a USB cable, a converter software and a USB port. With LP to iPod Turntable, you’ll be able to play 33, 45 and 78 RPM records plus it allows you to charge and synch your iPod while it’s connected plus you can use it and hooked it up to a stereo so you can use it as a record player.

– £129.00 at iwantoneofthose