Looxcie II – Lets You Capture Videos Hands Free

Looxcie II changes the way on how you capture videos whether it’s for parties, graduation rites, speeches or simply that blowing of birthday candles that you can’t just afford to miss is now easy because all it takes is to position the Looxcie II on your ear to start recording videos, it’s that easy, you can even use your both hands for other important things to do.
Looxcie IILooxcie II is capable of capturing up to 480p resolution video and the best thing about this device is that besides its lightweight design, you can even record those important events automatically. Got iPhone or smartphone? Why not view those recorded videos on it in real time? No problem, this is one of the great function of Looxcie II wherein sharing videos to those who misses the party is simply easy, go ahead and try it.

Looxcie II comes with an integrated 4GB memory, just enough to save about 90 minutes of video footages at high resolution. Great right!

What are you waiting for, never miss important happenings again, get a Looxcie II device and start capturing important moments simply by pressing a button.

-£149.99 a firebox