Lomo Panoramic 360 Degrees Camera – Captures Everything That Is Around You

Perfect for photo aficionados, the Lomo Panoramic 360 Degrees Camera is capable of capturing almost anything that is around you and create an eye-popping panorama style shots with just a single spin. Just take the switch handle, pull the ripcord and watch the Lomo snaps the whole thing it sees in seconds. And the result? Just a simple, wide yet unique 8 panorama shots that you can be proud of.

Lomo Panoramic 360 Degrees Camera features different shutter speeds with rubber band drive and a full manual control function. The Panoramic Camera also comes with different aperture settings, a standard tripod mount, a uniquely designed lens and best of all, this panoramic camera uses a standard 35mm film so you can process your panoramic shots anywhere you want.

– £99.99 at firebox