Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX for PC and Mac – Works on almost any type of surface

Got problem with your wired mouse? Try Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX for PC and Mac, a specially designed wireless mouse that allows you to work and play almost on any type of surface so you’ll have the freedom and power you need specially on those important events.

With Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX’s unique design, fast speed scrolling, zooming and other important mouse actions like clicking, cutting and pasting in order to create that unique looking presentation or even winning your next gaming competition will not be a problem.

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX for PC and Mac

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX perfectly works both on PC and Mac while its unique plug and forget unifying receiver and cool recharging system, adding additional wireless devices such as your favorite wireless gaming keyboard and other wireless accessories will work perfectly well on this receiver, no more managing multiple wireless receivers and best of all, no more battery hassles and downtime due to uncharged batteries because this wireless performance mouse recharges anytime and anywhere even while you are working or playing.

What’s your favorite wireless mouse? Does it provide the perfect freedom so you can work anywhere? How about its unique look and capabilities? Please use the comment box below so we can talk about it.

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  1. The recharging system of this mouse is the most interesting part that grab my attention. I’m using a Logitech M215 wireless mouse. The only problem I’m having with my mouse is that it’s “appetite” for power is so big that I have to change its AA battery very often.

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