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Leyio – The Smart And Unique Storage Device That Shares Wirelessly

Looking for storage device for all your important documents? Here’s Leyio, the smart and unique storage device packed with different features and functions in order to accommodate all your data from pictures to music or even to presentations you’ve just made using Powerpoint and share it wirelessly to anyone at any time. So what’s the idea? Well, Leyio is not just those ordinary memory devices because it comes with a powerful biometric thumb print detector so you’ll be able to access those files alone and not those data robbers out there.

Leyio also features a storage size of 16BGB of memory, a 1.5inch LCD display, a free scale arm EJS 320MHz processor and a different interfaces for connecting transferring data to PC. Leyio also comes with a UWB radio module, a digital fingerprint sensor, vibrate function, 3 axis accelerometer and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

– £129.95 at firebox