Kindle Fire – Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

Now you can enjoy ultra fast web browsing, watch up to 18 millions of movies and TV shows, enjoy all your favorite songs, magazines and books or even download all those today’s most popular applications and games right into this sleek, fast and powerful dual core processor, introducing the full color 7” multi-touch display and WiFi Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire is fully packed with the latest features and functions including its modern display that is fully strengthened to give the owner up to 20X stiffer and 30X harder than any other plastic just to make sure that Kindle Fire is fully protected from any unintended bumps and scratches.

Kindle Fire

Looking for more memory storage? Not anymore because the Kindle Fire gives you all the storage you want for all your digital content of course powered by Amazon Cloud so you can enjoy all your favorite books, your favorite movies, apps, music and more all for free to download and instantly stream online.

Kindle Fire also supports content format such as PDFs, DOCS and DOCX, BMP and JPEG, MP3 and MP4 just to name a few plus you’ll be able to appreciate its 8 hours of continuous books and magazine reading time and up to 7.5 hours of video playing when fully charged. Read the rest of the Kindle Fire’s full feature or click the link below if you want to pre-order.

-$199.00 at amazon

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